Arrangement implies an adaptation of a musical composition from the initial to the final version. Processing of tracks is based on the wishes and requirements of the client. It can be:

  • Addition of basic musical material (for example with backing vocal or sounding of new instruments);
  • Changing of tempo and tonality;
  • Converting the composition into different style;
  • Any other modification or improvement of the song.

During arranging we use special software and equipment, which allows to realize any musical whim. So for sweet and awesome sounding of your music contact VGR Studio! We perform arrangements for every taste and ear!

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Mixing and Mastering

Mixing and mastering - required phases of creation musical compositions. The task of mixing is to combine previously recorded musical fragments, which will become a full composition as a result. Mastering is making the audio material comfortable for listening.

Mixing and mastering are necessary in order to:

  • All sounds to be in harmony with each other;
  • Delete unnecessary sounds;
  • Improve sounding of every instrument and vocal;
  • Make the composition musically bright and saturated.

Mixing and Mastering in VGR Studio suggest not only using the proffessional equipment but creative touch also, that is why cooperation between sound engineer and client (the author of composition) is very important.

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The process of recording the sounds with a purpose of creation the musical composition, rather phonogramm, is called recording. It is carried out in a specially equipped room with good soundproofing and noise reduction.

If you want your recording to pass easily and productively, contact VGR Studio. We have all necessary for it:

  • Studio sound recording: from microphones (with pop-filtres) and studio monitor headphones to various software and hardware solutions;
  • The desire to create awesome music tracks;
  • Years of expirience.